Some Reasons to Consider a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service


Have you ever driven past a home admiring its beautiful, manicured lawn and perfect landscaping, and wondered how the property owners managed to achieve those results? Perhaps their secret weapon is having a landscaping Lakeland company provide their expert lawn care services. Not only is having a well-kept yard as source of pride, it is also an investment in your property’s equity, as curb appeal is what makes potential buyers want to come inside.

There are many reasons for hiring a lawn maintenance company to provide services such as not having enough time, convenience, aging homeowners, homeowners that travel frequently for work, and those that simply don’t have the expertise or feel comfortable in their abilities to provide adequate care. Having the professional services of Lawn Maintenance Lakeland fills that need expertly.

Here are some of the benefits reaped from these services:

Knowledge & Expertise – Homeowners and businesses hire and pay for professional services because they trust that those providing the services know what they are doing. A well-established lawn care service has been around because they have professionals that are either formally educated in horticulture, landscape design, turf care, or have learned their trade on-the-job. Such expertise includes proper mowing methods, fertilizing techniques, understanding plant growth and their required soil conditions, watering and nutrition needs, when and how to prune, and light requirements.


Weed Control – There are dozens of varieties of weeds that can take up residence in your lawn and unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all weed control product that can be applied. Without being armed with the correct information regarding what type of weeds are in the lawn, irreparable damage can be inflicted with the use of an improper herbicide. This is yet another benefit of hiring a lawn maintenance Lakeland company to care for your lawn maintenance needs.

Insect Control – Just like weeds, pests and insects will invade your lawn, and having the pest control knowledge is your lawn’s best defense. A lawn maintenance company creates a healthy environment for your lawn by ensuring the soil is healthy through proper fertilization applications. Choosing plant varieties, trees, and shrubs that are disease or insect resistant, helps ensure that a healthy balance is struck between plant material and insects. Lawn care professionals understand that many insects are beneficial and vital to many species of plants, trees, and shrubs.

Landscape Installation – A commercial landscaping Lakeland company can also recommend the proper plants, grass, trees, and shrubs for your area, and also provide landscape installation services. Choosing the correct plantings saves time and money, and the frustration of having to remove unhealthy plants or trees that have outgrown their setting.

Other benefits of hiring a landscape maintenance professional include having regularly scheduled services such as mowing, weeding, landscape beds mulched, and plants, trees, and shrubs pruned as needed. Other services include spring and fall cleanup of leaves and debris, and if equipped, winterization of irrigation systems. Arranging for these necessary services allows you to relax and enjoy your beautiful yard.




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